Portugal, Popular songs, Pastel de Nata, a piece of heaven. The perfect recipe for the Kill Singers recent trip to Lisbon.

   On Stage Lisbon organised by www.interkultur.com is designed for all those who wish to combine their music with travelling and learning as well as the exploration of new destinations.

  Over the three days, we had a guided tour of the city while taking time out to perform with other international choirs in multiple locations, a musical workshop where we were introduced to the musical tradition of the region and a gala concert where each choir was given a chance to shine, all culminating in a massed choir performance of the pieces learned at the workshop….

   During our down time we found other places to sing including the hotel lobby where we had a late session or two, a local pub in honour of the All-Ireland final that happened to take place while we were there, and the local church for all our good intentions.

   These events are happening all over Europe and beyond on a regular basis, now we just need to dust off the suitcase and decide where to go next……Verona anyone?

Concert in Lisbon

Concert in Lisbon

Mass @ St Dominics