Covid has been difficult for everyone. We’ve all had to make sacrifices, some more than others and sometimes it was the little things that kept us going. Here in The Kill Singers, we managed to keep going through Zoom, then Jamulus (see earlier blog) and finally we managed to get back to ‘in-person’ rehearsals last September (2021). These were socially distanced, well ventilated and masked sessions but by God, did it make us feel good!!!!

We set ourselves a target of a public performance before Christmas 2021 and set about working on some new material. As we approached Christmas, it be came apparent that a concert in front of a live audience was not going to happen….. but we decided we would take a leap of faith and complete our first streaming performance.

With the permission of Fr Willie O’Byrne of St Brigids Church in Kill, Co Kildare, we set about planning for the live stream from the church via its Webcam on Friday 17th December 2021 and requesting voluntary donations to St Vincent de Paul via the parish website….

The concert was a slimmed down version of our planned concert but we did perform a wonderful piece called “Have You Heard”, a Celtic Christmas Celebration by Joel Raney. This is a program of 8 pieces of music depicting the Nativity with a ‘celtic’ feel.  The stream went live @ 8:30pm sharp on Friday 17th December and was watched by people on at least four continents across the world.  Our only regret was that we hadn’t got a live audience with us in the church but by all accounts, all viewers really enjoyed the performance.

We’ve attached a small extract of the performance called “Christmas Day in the Morning”….. Hope you enjoy!